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Financial Advice Provider Disclosure Statement

Cross Country Mortgages

This Disclosure Statement provides you with important information about the financial advice services provided by Cross Country Mortgages Limited ( ‘Cross County’, ‘we’ , ‘us’ and “our”). This Disclosure Statement was prepared on 17th April 2022

About Us

Cross Country Mortgages Limited is authorized to operate under the license held by New Zealand Financial Services Group

Financial Advice Provider: Cross Country Mortgages Limited 

Trading As: Cross Country Mortgages FSPR Number: FSP773970

Address: 3 Barbary Avenue, Kelston

Phone: 021 906767




Licensing Information

We are fully licensed issued by the Financial Markets Authority in the name of: NZ Financial Services Group to provide a financial advice service.

FSP Number: FSP773970

Nature and Scope of Advice

The information below will help you understand what type of advice will be provided.

Services we provide

Cross Country Mortgages will help you choose a loan that is suitable for your purpose from a panel of lenders (see below). Once we have chosen a lender and loan terms that are suitable for you, we will help you to obtain an approval.

Banks and lenders we use

We source loans from a panel of approved lenders. The current lenders we can use are:


ASAP Financial, Avanti Finance

Cressida, DBR, First Mortgage Trust

Heartland Bank, Liberty Financial

NZCU, Pepper Money, RESIMAC

SBS Bank, SELECT, Southern Cross

Sovereign, TSB, 

The Co-operative Bank

Basecorp Finance, Westpac


Products we Provide

The types of financial advice products we can give advice on are:

 • Home Loans

• Investment Loans

• Construction Loans

Fees and Expenses

Generally Cross Country Mortgages won’t charge you any fees for the financial advice we provide to you. This is possible because, on settlement of a loan, we usually receive commission from the lender. Any exceptions to this general position are explained below

We may charge you a one-off fee if the following occurs:

When we don’t receive commission from the lender: If you request that we provide financial advice and we do not receive a commission from the lender, we may charge you a one-off fee. Any such fee would be agreed and authorized by you in writing before we complete the services, and would be based on an estimate of the time spent providing the advice

(This may arise in the rare event that you request that we provide services in relation to either a product that is offered by a lender that we do not hold an accreditation with, or a product that is outside our usual arrangements with our product providers).

You will be invoiced for any one-off fee and will be given 30 days to make payment

Conflict of interests and Commissions

On settlement of a mortgage, we usually receive commission from the applicable product provider. The commission is generally of an upfront nature but may also include a trail commission. We also receive a fixed rate roll over fee from some product providers if we assist in refixing your loan.

We manage these conflicts of interest by:

  • Always recommending the best product for your purpose regardless of the type and amount of commission we will receive.

  • Ensuring the amount of any loan is in accordance with your identified needs.

  • Providing you with the below table showing commission rates and types by product provider. The commission we receive on loans is calculated as a percentage of the loan.


Lender       Upfront%  Trail%   Refix ($)

ANZ           0.85%,      0.00%     150

Westpac    0.60%       0.20%      0

BNZ           0.55%       0.15%      0

ASB           0.85%       0.00%      150

ASAP         0.00%       0.00%       0


Avanti        0.80%        0.00%       0


Cressida    1.00%        0.00%       0

DBR           1.00%        0.00%       0

First            0.00%        0.00%       0



Heartland    1.50%       0.00%        0


Liberty         0.60%       0.15%        0


NZCU          1.00%       0.00%        0

Pepper         0.60%      0.15%        0


RESIMAC     0.60%      0.15%       0

SBS Bank     0.80%      0.00%       150

SELECT        0.60%      0.15%       0

Southern       1.00%      0.00%       0


Sovereign      0.60%      0.20%       0

The                0.70%      0.00%       150



TSB                0.85%      0.00%       0

Basecorp        0.85%      0.00%      150


As soon as we know the type of loan and amount, we are putting in place, and that it has been accepted by the lender, we will let you know the amount and frequency of the commission received.

We can also receive a referral fee or commission if we refer you to our referral partners

Privacy Policy & Security

We will collect personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We regard client confidentiality as of paramount importance. We will not disclose any confidential information obtained from or about you to any other person, except in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The platform we use is secure and run-on Amazon Web Services.  

Complaints Process

If you have a complaint about our financial advice or service, you need to tell us about it:

You can contact our internal complaints service by


Please set out the nature of your complaint, and the resolution you are seeking. We will acknowledge receipt of this within 24 hours.

We will then record your complaint in our Complaints Register and will work with you to resolve your complaint.

We may want to meet with you to better understand your issues. We will provide an answer to you within 7 working days of receiving your complaint.

If we cannot agree on a resolution, you can refer your complaint to our external dispute resolution service.

This service is independent and will cost you nothing and will assist us to resolve things with you. Details of this service are

Financial Services

Complaints Limited

0800 347 257

Availability of Information

This information can be provided in hardcopy upon your request by contacting us at

Cross Country Mortgages limited as at - 02/10/2022

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