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Bridging Loans

Cross Country Mortgages can help you if you are looking for bridging loans for proper transition between two projects without facing any cash flow gap? We offer a wide variety of bridging loan solutions from several bridging finance companies. For homeowners, bridging finance loans allows them to move quickly to a new home while waiting for the right buyers for their existing home.

A bridging finance loan is a short-term loan to bridge the gap between two home loans. Bridging loans are used to bridge the cash flow timing gap until the sale and purchase process on both homes (the one you are purchasing and the one you are selling) is completed. 

Bridging loans offer quick and hassle-free finance at competitive rates and loan terms. They are tailored to borrowers’ personal finance needs for a short period. It gives them the freedom to negotiate freely on a home they are purchasing. Not only this but a bridging loan can also be used to finance the costs of construction of a new home while you live in your current home. There are two different types of bridging loans offered by both mainstream banks and private lenders:

Open bridging loans

  • No clear exit strategy.

  • No specific date for the sale of your existing property.

  • Greater risk to lenders.

  • Require more equity

Closed bridging loans:

  • When there is a known exit strategy.

  • You know the date by which your property will be sold.

  • Not as risky for the lender. 

  • Require less equity. 

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