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Loan Refinancing

Get The Best Deal

Want to refinance your mortgage in New Zealand? Cross Country Mortgages is here to get you the best deal from many mortgage refinancing companies in NZ as per your specific requirements and the level of services you want. If you are not getting the best deal and level of services you want from your current lender, it’s time to switch. We can help you with the right advice on how to best structure your mortgage by understanding your financial position and goals. We also help you restructure your mortgage with your existing lender for better terms and interest rates if you don’t want to refinance your mortgage.

Mortgage refinance is the process of transferring your mortgage from one bank/lender to another for better value. It means you switch your home loan entirely to another bank after paying off your existing loan. It is like taking out a new loan from a different bank.

Reasons to consider refinancing your mortgage

Refinancing a Mortgage - your way to a better deal

All of our clients start a relationship with us via a face-to-face meeting (online or in person) where we discuss what you’re looking to achieve.

There are many reasons to consider mortgage refinance after reassessing your current financial position and goal

We then analyse your financial situation and then make recommendations. It’s a completely non-judgmental process where we work out the best approach to reach your goals, fast.

Refinancing your mortgage is a topic we discuss frequently. That’s because there’s always a better deal or easier way to save money.

  • Get a more competitive interest rate on your home loan

  •  Taking advantage of the products and services of another bank

  • Reviewing and restructuring your home loan for better value​

  • Consolidate high-interest home loans into something more manageable

  • Get the funds you need for a life event

  • Create the necessary funds for another property investment

  • Get a better mortgage rate, we have often been able to save clients tens of thousands of dollars by simply negotiating a better interest rate on your behalf

As an experienced mortgage advisor at Cross Country Mortgages, we understand this and hence help you refinance on a better deal.

What we do

Mortgage refinancing can be very challenging without proper knowledge and assistance. It takes your valuable time, research, planning, and financial forecasting to make the right decision. Mortgage Suite can help you understand how and what you want to refinance your mortgage through a tailored process. We help you:

  1. Review your reasons for refinancing

  2. Explore the cost of refinancing

  3. ​Conduct all the research 

  4. Talk to mortgage refinancing companies 

  5. Compare interest rates and repayment terms

  6. Loan application and approval

Refinancing your home loan is a big decision that requires professional assistance and support throughout the refinancing process. If you are thinking about Mortgage Refinance in New Zealand, give us a call to book an appointment with a loan advisor in NZ and discuss your requirements. With decades of experience in financial advice and mortgage broking, we help you overcome challenges and negotiate the best mortgage premium and interest rates to meet your unique requirements.

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